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Paint and Adhesives

For all your bonding needs, discover a comprehensive range of adhesives and paints to bring your projects to life.

Power Tools

Revolutionise your work with our cutting-edge power tools, meticulously crafted to deliver precision and efficiency in every task.

Hand Tools

From DIY enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, explore our hand tools selection for quality and reliability in every job.

Lighting and Electrical

Illuminate your space and ensure seamless functionality with our diverse range of lighting and electrical solutions.

Doors and Frames

Enhance the aesthetics and security of your space with our collection of doors and frames tailored to suit your style.


Add the perfect finishing touch to your projects with our exquisite range of mouldings, crafted for elegance and distinction.

Hobby Corner

Fuel your passion with our dedicated hobby corner, where you’ll find a curated selection of supplies to inspire your creative pursuits.


Navigate the world of plumbing effortlessly with our comprehensive range of quality products and accessories.

Safety and Security

Prioritise safety with our range of security solutions and safety equipment, ensuring peace of mind in every environment.

Iron Mongrey

Discover the strength and durability of our Iron Mongrey collection, offering robust solutions for various applications.


From nuts and bolts to screws and nails, find the perfect fasteners to secure your projects with reliability and precision.

Boards and Timber

Build with confidence using our high-quality boards and timber, tailored to meet the demands of your construction projects.

Building Material

Find everything you need for your construction projects, from foundation to finishing touches, with our extensive building material selection.

Builders Site Equipment

Equip your construction site with the tools and equipment necessary for a seamless building process.


Explore our gas products to meet your energy needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability for various applications.


Strength meets precision in our reinforcing materials, designed to enhance the structural integrity of your projects.


Transform your bathroom and kitchen spaces with our sanitary products, combining functionality and style seamlessly.

Taps and Accessories

Discover an array of taps and accessories to add the perfect finishing touches to your kitchen and bathroom designs.

Tiles and Flooring

Transform your space with our diverse selection of tiles and flooring options, catering to every style and preference.


From construction to fabrication, our steel products are engineered for durability and versatility, meeting the demands of diverse applications.